Bridge workers on the south bank of Hau River

Arriving in Can Tho, we decided to let the car “stay” by Ninh Kieu wharf and then boarded a speedboat to Soc Trang. Mr. Nguyen Xuan Nui, an officer of Cienco 525 told me: “Tonight, sleep one night at the construction site South of Hau River, you will feel many good things”. I was eager: “Why not let the car get on the ferry to that side but have to go by boat?”. Mr. Nur said: “The construction site is located in an area where there is no car road. You all have to go by boat!” Turns out it was.

The construction site of the South Hau river route connecting Can Tho to Hau Giang, passing through Soc Trang and then stopping at Bac Lieu is invested by PMU My Thuan. Company 525 is one of the units under the Construction Construction Corporation 5 participating in the construction. The work of Company 525 here includes building 4 bridges, Muong Khai, Cai Cau, Cai Tram, and Rach Mop. The area “4 bridges” is located in the east of Ke Sach district and is a “remote area” of Soc Trang province. The road system here is only usable for two-wheelers and pedestrians.

Therefore, all materials supplied to the construction site must be transported by waterway, gathered at Port 72 in Vinh Long province and then loaded onto a barge and transported to the site. The means of transportation of construction workers are mainly by boat, boat, motorbike or… on foot.

After more than 30 minutes of turning waves to the downstream of Hau River, the speedboat landed at a “toad” wharf on the south bank. Mr. Nur introduced: “This is the wharf “Executive Board”. The reason it has such a name is because it has only been here since the day the site management board was located here. Although the wharf mainly serves construction site workers, but every day four trains pass by, almost every one arrives at the wharf to pick up and drop off passengers.

Company 525 has spent tens of millions of dong to build a solid wharf with reinforced concrete. “This is also a gift from the unit to local people,” said Mr. Nur. The office of the Executive Board is located right next to the wharf. “It’s a bare-bones house of about 300 square meters, built on a rented plot of land. From the yard of the Executive Board’s headquarters overlooking the Hau River, one can “admire” the scene of boats passing by and clumps of water hyacinth drifting quietly.
It was twelve o’clock in the afternoon, officers and engineers were still working hard at the desk. Every man looks haggard. A thin young man with a pale face came forward to shake hands and greet us with a tired look, but his eyes still shone with a gentle expression. It was Le Van Tin, the site commander. Que Tin is in Tam Ky town, Quang Nam province. Graduated from the Faculty of Bridge and Roads of Da Nang University of Science and Technology in 1999, he immediately joined Company 525. As a young engineer, but before coming to the South of Hau River, Tin had experienced no less than 10 construction sites of the Company. The company stretches from North to South.
Since the commencement of the construction of the 4-bridge construction site on the South Hau river route, at the end of June 2006, Company 525 has determined that this is one of the key areas to focus on and decided to deploy a strong force. . On the construction site, there are regularly 8 construction teams with more than 150 officers, engineers, technical workers and dozens of special equipment. The construction of the project faced many difficulties.
Because it is a river area, it is not possible to exploit materials on the spot but must buy from other localities 300 to 400 kilometers away from the construction site, mainly from Cambodia, Dong Nai, and Ho Chi Minh City. Therefore, the cost of the team is very high. Sometimes the delivery of supplies encounters obstacles, affecting the construction progress. That’s not to mention the hard life of engineers and workers.
They have to live on the construction site in makeshift camps, far from the market, far from the town, far from the hospital and almost “isolated”. Perhaps the television was the only means of entertainment for the brothers on the construction site during the breaks. However, due to the urgent requirements, by the middle of 2008, the unit had to complete the handover, so the unit had to be determined to overcome everything to do.
Since the beginning of the year, the whole construction site has been organized in 3 shifts. Le Van Tin said: “For the bridges of Muong Khai, Cai Cau and Cai Tram, the unit organizes construction in a “rolling” manner. As of July 2007, Muong Khai bridge has completed 75% of the volume, Cai Cau bridge is 45% of volume and Cai Tram bridge has completed 30% of volume. Particularly for Rach Mop bridge in partnership with Company 479, 525 has completed the bored pile and is in the process of constructing the abutment. Following this “momentum”, the finish date on time will certainly be achieved.

They are trying to finish the concrete before December 30, 2007. Thus, at a time, 525 has to focus on two large projects that require fast progress. I asked Mr. Nuo: “Can you afford it?” Mr. Nur affirmed: “Our construction capacity is still abundant!”.

It is not only through two key construction sites in the Southwest region that we can see the strength of 525 today, but in the process of mature construction, there is not a year that 525 fails to exceed the set target and receive the award. many noble awards of the State. In which the highest is the title of Hero of Labor in the resistance war against the US and the First Class Labor Medal during the years of construction.

Night at the Hau River fell very quickly. We gathered around the dining table at the Site Management Board Headquarters. This morning, “raised sister”, a petite girl who crossed 5 kilometers on the way to Cai Con market bought a chicken to “treat guests”. The frugal but intimate meal lasted less than an hour. It seems that the time here is too short and the work is too much, so everything has to be done urgently.

Once the meal was over, everyone immediately got to work. “Tonight, the officers, engineers and workers on the construction site have to stay awake. The sound of machines and hammers continuously resounded in a river. Tin raised a cup of thick coffee, he said as if he was saying to himself: “You have to play this to fight the sleepiness”. I quietly took the camera to the bank of Hau River, where the lights of the construction site were shining brightly.