Cienco 525 promotes the strength of the political system and builds a strong unit

Civil Engineering Construction JSC no.525 promotes the strength of the political system, builds a strong unit

Master DUONG VIET ROAN – Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors of CIENCO 5


The predecessor of today’s Traffic Construction Corporation is the 67 Heroes Construction Board, which was established on April 23, 1967 to perform the task of ensuring traffic on Truong Son roads to serve strategic transportation to support the war. Southern school to fight the American invaders.

Crystallizing into that great feat of the nation and creating the heroic tradition of the unit is the result of the tireless efforts and activities of the whole political system. Board of Construction 67. In which, organizations Trade Union, Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, Women are the core under the leadership of Party committees at all levels. With the slogan of C5 – Youth Volunteer Team 25 “Determined to let the letter A decide to pass”, or the slogan “The enemy destroys, we fix it”, the movement “Sing over the bomb” etc. of the Construction Board 67 has aroused the resilient and indomitable will among cadres, workers, young people, and citizens on the legendary Truong Son route in the past, greatly contributing to the complete victory of the nation’s just war, which culminated in the great victory in the spring of 1975.

Together with the Cienco 5, Civil Engineering Construction JSC no.525 today promotes the heroic tradition of the unit, under the leadership of the Party Committee, mass organizations have actively participated in the management and organization of patriotic emulation movement, encouraging employees to emulate good and creative labor, contributing to improving production and business efficiency, constantly improving the material and spiritual life of employees in the unit. On August 22, 2007, the Company solemnly celebrated the 42nd anniversary of the establishment of theHeroic Youth Volunteer Team 25 , now Civil Engineering Construction JSC no.525. Celebrating that anniversary, the Party Committee, the Board of Directors, the Board of Directors. The Company’s Director, Trade Union and Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union have directed to organize many practical activities. That is launching the emulation round ahead of schedule, ensuring the quality of the works and projects directly involved in the construction. In particular, the Company has successfully completed the construction of the Saigon – Trung Luong highway project, Rach Mieu bridge, the South Song Hau road and bridge project, etc., exceeded the production and business plan in the first 6 months of 2007 , creating a solid premise to successfully complete the tasks in 2007; joined the Corporation to upgrade and repair 3 Cemeteries of Tan Ap, Tho Loc, Van Ninh – the resting place of 1,105 Martyrs and build gratitude houses for former Volunteers of the Construction Board 67.

Under the leadership of the Party Committee, the Company overcame difficulties and challenges, especially financial difficulties, stabilized production and business activities; Employment and life of employees in the unit are guaranteed and improved in the direction of increasing markedly. Recognizing and praising the achievements that the Company’s cadres, party members and employees have achieved in recent years, in 2006 – 2007 the Corporation proposed and was awarded the First Class Labor Medal by the President of the State. the collective staff of Cienco 525; The Party Committee of the Corporation commended the Party Committee of the Company with the title of “Typical Clean and Strong Party” in 2006 and many Certificates of Merit and Certificates of Merit from all levels and branches for collectives and individuals in the Company.

On the occasion of the 42nd anniversary of the traditional day of Cienco 525, leaders of Cienco 5 expressed their confidence in the bright future of the Company and firmly believed that under the leadership of the Party Committee, the collective Ministries, Party members, employees of the Company will strive to strive even higher so that the heroic tradition of Youth Volunteer Team 25 – the predecessor of Cienco 525 – continues to be strongly and firmly promoted in the present and future. future.


Former President Tran Duc Luong visited the employees who are constructing Ho Chi Minh road