Nam O Bridge construction site towards the 45th anniversary of the company’s establishment

In the Central region, on sunny days, the outdoor temperature is more than 40 degrees, but the atmosphere of labor emulation at Nam O bridge construction site is urgent and bustling.

Nam O bridge project, package B2-20 belongs to the transport sector credit project to improve the national road network (step 2- phase 1) by PMU 6 under the Vietnam Road Administration (now the General Department of Roads). Vietnam Road Administration) as the investor. The winning unit is Civil Engineering Construction JSC No.525.

The implementation of the Nam O bridge project is of great significance because the current old Nam O bridge has been seriously degraded. This bridge was built during the occupation of the US and Wei, when the country was still divided into two regions. Moreover, the century of buckling for the convoys of vehicles to compete in the South to the North, more and more super-long and super-weight vehicles; Sea waves, salt water, burning sun, rain storms… made the bridge almost collapse. More than ever, the requirement to build a new bridge to replace the old one is very practical. Request is urgent, timely; technical, quality and aesthetic assurance; meet the expectations of traffic participants, especially leaders and people of Da Nang city.

Nam O bridge is located on National Highway 1A, in the territory of two communes Hoa Hiep Nam and Hoa Hiep Bac (Lien Chieu district, Da Nang city), is the arterial traffic road connecting Da Nang with the northern provinces – also the throat of the ancient trans-Vietnam road and an important junction on the East-West Economic Corridor (connecting Thailand – Laos – Lao Bao Border Gate – Tien Sa Port – Bo Y Border Gate – Laos, Cambodia .. .) with high traffic density; There are more and more vehicles participating in traffic. With these important factors, the leaders of Cienco 525 determined that this is a key project, which, in addition to economic aspects, also has political significance. Leaders and people of Da Nang City as well as Cienco 5 trust and believe in the company 525, always paying attention to follow every step of the company’s progress.

In early December 2009, the Company decided to establish the Nam O Bridge Construction Executive Committee with 4 construction teams and 1 mechanized construction team. The implementation of the project initially encountered many difficulties, the construction site was narrow, the road to the construction site was not available, the mobilization of materials and equipment was almost impossible because of the inability to clear the ground. plain. Regarding the construction site, it is just a small sandy beach at the riverbank with no access road, even the campsite does not have space to rent land from local people to build houses for workers.c because the site cannot be cleared. Regarding the construction site, it is just a small sandy beach at the riverbank with no access road, even the campsite does not have space to rent land from local people to build houses for workers.

On the mainland, there is no way to go in, and in the river, entangled in the fishing nets of the people, it seems that the project cannot be implemented. Faced with that difficulty, the Site Management Board has held many meetings to discuss the construction of a construction plan, find ways to bring materials and equipment to the construction site. On the other hand, learn how to do ideological work with local people, and how to contact authorities at all levels to get access and land for construction. In addition, he received the close attention and direction of the company’s leaders, mass organizations, departments, especially the director of the company. Despite having placed a Deputy Director directly in charge of the construction site, almost every week, the Company’s Director would go to the construction site at least twice a week to encourage, visit workers, organize construction site camps to come up with solutions. construction project and directly draw up the plan to direct the construction of the construction plan. The construction on the river is very difficult and requires a floating barge system, so it greatly affects the construction progress of the project. A bold decision was made at the right time, at the right time, to build the embankment to pump sand to encroach on the sea to both create construction ground and carry out the construction of pillars P1, P2, P3 quickly and conveniently. A creative decision has opened up a new construction direction with enough space for construction from P1 to P3 pillars.

The tireless efforts of the staffs and workers of Company 525 were rewarded with encouraging labor results. Specifically, the output from the date of commencement of the construction order from March 12, 2010 to June 30, 2010 is VND 25 billion, accounting for 22% of total output, of which: Construction of casting dduwowcjj 14/40 beams Super T, L=38.3m; Drilling and pouring concrete : 20/50 bored piles with diameter D=1.5m, L=37-42m; Complete construction of 2 pillars P1 and P2… and the staff and workers of Nam O Bridge construction site are striving to dry and concrete all 50 bored piles before the rainy season 2010. June above Nam O bridge construction site, although the central sun has a temperature above 40 degrees, the power supply is very fluctuating, but the working atmosphere here is very urgent and bustling. The whole construction site from the beam casting team to the bored pile drilling team, the abutment construction team and the mechanized construction team all organized labor in all 3 shifts, day and night. The spirit of hard work from the site management board to the production teams, from officials to workers throughout the construction site activities. The whole unit is a united block that always seeks to learn, promote the dynamism of innovation at work, and always achieve a high degree of unity between the cell, the Executive Board and the employees. All employees with a determination to determine that this is a key project entrusted by the company, all employees on the construction site are always conscious of rising, working hard to learn from each other and learn from other employees. your company, from the latest application of advanced and modern bridge construction technology; promote ideas, apply them in practice at the construction site. Thanks to that, through the difficult period, the construction site gradually removed, overcome and steadily went up, completing each item of the project, which was praised by the Investor and highly appreciated by the Company.

In parallel with professional work, the lives of employees are also taken care of from accommodation, living standards are constantly improved and enhanced, the implementation of policies and regimes at the construction site is also encouraged by leaders of the construction sites. interested groups. 100% of employees with contracts are fully implemented the social insurance, health insurance, social insurance …, employees are really excited and secure in their work, trusting in the management of the Executive Board and the direction of the Board of Directors. closely followed by the Company’s leaders.

Towards the 45th anniversary of its establishment, it is also the day when the whole unit of Cienco 525 is happy to receive the title of Hero of the People’s Armed Forces that the CPV and State have just conferred on Company 5, Youth Volunteer Team N25 – the predecessor of Cienco 525 today, officers and workers on the Nam O Bridge Construction Site are working to the best of their ability to set the highest achievement as a gift to the heroes and martyrs who have sacrificed for the cause of protection. and build the Vietnamese Fatherland and offer it to the beloved CPV on the occasion of the upcoming 11th National Congress.