Promoting the heroic tradition of the 25th Youth Volunteer Team – Construction Board 67

Promoting the heroic tradition of the 25th Youth Volunteer Team – Construction Board 67

THANH DUC NAM – General Director of Cienco 5


Today’s Cienco 5, formerly known as the Building Committee of 67 Heroes in the war against America to save the country – was established on April 23, 1967 to work with military forces to open roads and ensure traffic. along the Truong Son roads in the provinces of Quang Nam, Quang Tri and Ha Tinh serving the strategic support for the southern battlefield to defeat the American invaders.

During 8 years of continuous fighting from 1967-1975, ensuring traffic on fierce key points, Construction Board 67 successfully completed the assigned tasks on East Truong Son Road (Road 12, Road 20, Road No. 10, road 16, road 18, branch roads connecting to Tri Thien front and road 9 south of Laos) etc.

In 1975, after the South was completely liberated, the Construction Board 67 participated in the restoration and construction of a new transport system to serve the people’s travel and economic development of the country. At the same time, through many name changes, in 1995, the Corporation was re-established under the Decision 90/TTg of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Transport, assigning the Construction Corporation to be the organization. inheriting and promoting the tradition of the Construction Board 67.

Over the past 40 years of construction and development, under the leadership of the Party, the direction and administration of the unit’s leaders, the facilitation and support of the Government, ministries, central branches and localities, together with With the efforts of all ministries of personnel and labor, the Corporation has gradually matured and developed, achieved a number of encouraging results, contributing to bringing socio-economic efficiency to the country. The country conferred the title Hero of the People’s Armed Forces, the Second-class Independence Medal, the Prime Minister’s Certificate of Merit and many other emulation titles and forms of commendation.

In that success, one of the member units that has contributed a lot of their efforts is the Civil Engineering Construction JSC No.525, formerly known as the 25th Youth Volunteer Team, established on August 22, 1965. In 1967, the 25th Youth Volunteer Team joined the Construction Board 67, after 1975, through many name changes, in 2002 the unit was equitized and renamed as Joint Stock Company 525.

The 25th Youth Volunteer Team is the unit that has been assigned the first hoe in the campaign “Cutting along Truong Son to save the country” of Route 20 – Determined to win and is the unit that has been stationed at the border town of Aki and Crab A for 8 years. immediately. The brothers and sisters of The 25th Youth Volunteer Team in particular and the entire Construction Board 67 in general had rained bombs and bullets, endured hunger, and endured thirst with American aircraft every meter of road, meter of bridge, ensuring a smooth traffic flow. Great contributions and noble sacrifices made the national epic, liberating the South and reunifying the country. Of the 1,105 heroes and martyrs of the 67 Construction Committee, The 25th Youth Volunteer Team has 164 children who died on the transportation front.

With the experience of paving the way in the years of fierce war, Company 525 has affirmed its capacity and reputation in the field of traffic construction, trusted by the investors and leaders of the Corporation, so the Large projects undertaken by the Corporation are assigned to Company 525 for construction, which in recent years are typical projects: Tuyen Son Bridge – Da Nang City; Thach My Bridge, Bung Bridge – Ho Chi Minh Road; Bridges project Ho Chi Minh City – Trung Luong; Project of Huu Nghi Commercial and Residential Center (Dong Hoi City – Quang Binh) …

Over 42 years of construction and development, with a wealth of experience in the field of traffic construction, under the leadership of the Party, the dynamic direction of the Company’s leadership, along with the efforts of the group. All officials, employees, and leaders of Cienco 5 believe that Cienco 525 will continue to develop sustainably in the coming years, worthy of the tradition that generations of The 25th Youth Volunteer Team did it during the anti-American era to save the country.

Permanent Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Sinh Hung presented Certificates of Merit from the Government to units and individuals of Cienco 5 on the 40th anniversary of the 67th Construction Board (April 2007).