Rise to master modern bridge construction technology

Truong Son sawed longitudinally and transversely

Shovel your hand to write on the pink history page

(To Huu)

Yes, the memory of the young people who volunteered against the US to save the country on the old Truong Son roads, including the 25th Youth Volunteer Team – 67 Heroic Construction Board – the forerunner of Cienco 525 today – keep popping up in our minds in the historic May days.

With bare hands with rudimentary tools such as shovels, rakes, crowbars, pickaxes, levers… the generations of his father before him have made miracles. Those are roads, underground tunnels, bridges to transport goods, weapons, soldiers to support the front line despite falling bombs, explosive bullets, diseases, floods, approaching death…

In May 2009, I had the opportunity to go with a delegation of Civil Engineering Construction JSC No.525 to visit old battlefields such as 20 Quyet Thang street, Tam Co cave, Long Dai ferry, Xuan Son ferry… Visit Tho Loc cemetery there were hundreds of soldiers of the 25th Youth Volunteer Team who fell for the sake of the South, for the cause of national reunification. The legacy of the old road, bridge, and temporary underground is still there, although now the legendary Ho Chi Minh road has been built and completed as beautiful as a golden silk strip along the Truong Son range.

The war was far away, the bridge workers of Company 525 entered the period of healing the war wounds and building a new life. From North to South, everywhere I see works constructed by Civil Engineering Construction JSC No.525. Although the country was still facing many difficulties at that time, but with the mettle of the old Truong Son soldiers, of the Hero unit, with only outdated and old equipment, they overcame themselves to make it. long-term projects for the country such as restoring National Highway 1A, Quan Hau – Vinh Chuc section, restoring the unified railway from Phu My to An Nhon and a series of bridges on National Highway 1A, National Highway 19. From that arduous initial step, the Company has gradually grown up, becoming the key bridge construction unit of the Traffic Construction Corporation 5 and of the Ministry of Transport. With a strong investment in both human resources and machinery for bridge construction, the 525 Bridge workers were present everywhere day and night for each convoy passing on the road bridges such as: Too Christmas, Vinh Phu, Da Rang, Thach My, Song Bung, bridges in the Southwest region…; to North-South railway lines   525 such as Ky Lam, Nam O, Tam Ky bridges… Back to the seaport, there are Tien Sa Port Bridge (Da Nang), Hon La Port (Quang Binh), Qui Nhon Harbor Bridge stretching in front of the sea. large to welcome the ships docked. From steel girder structures, cast-in-place reinforced concrete beams to prestressed reinforced concrete beams with lengths of 24m, 33m, 39m, 42m, etc. have been applied by the Company very early and effectively with drilling diameters from 0. 6m; 0.8m; 1m; 1.5m… with a depth of up to 80m and is preparing to drill piles of Cua Dai bridge with a diameter of up to 2m and a depth of 83m. Thanks to the new investment in bridge construction technology, the works constructed by the company, although very complicated, were completed on schedule and with quality. These are proud and respectful achievements for bridge workers who have made works for the country in the common rhythm of development.

In 2010, the country is jubilantly welcoming major holidays, especially the 1000th anniversary of Thang Long Hanoi. The company is honored to win the bid for 2 large-scale projects with quite modern and humane structures. Those are Ben Thuy 2 bridge and Cua Dai bridge. Ben Thuy 2 Bridge was built to reduce the load on the current Ben Thuy bridge. The bridge has a width of 24m with 4 lanes for motor vehicles and 2 lanes for rudimentary vehicles. Civil Engineering Construction JSC No.525 participated in the construction of Main span. The unique feature of Ben Thuy 2 Bridge is the balanced cantilever main span with a length of 120m placed on the bridge pier with a stylized design in the shape of a torch symbolizing the homeland of Xo Viet Nghe Tinh. This is really a big challenge but also an honor to build a bridge in the beloved Uncle Ho’s homeland. Currently, the Company is making efforts to construct the lower part and footing, preparing resources to construct the 120m long cantilever span to meet the technical requirements, quality and schedule set forth. By 2012, a modern project connecting the two banks of the Lam River will be completed and the 525 bridge workers will be proud to have contributed their efforts to build this majestic bridge to create a driving force for development. economy and society in Uncle Ho’s homeland and the whole North Central region.

Cua Dai Bridge belongs to the coastal road of Quang Nam province, crossing the area of ​​Cua Dai ward, Cam Chau, Cam Thanh commune, Hoi An city, Duy Nghia and Duy Hai communes, Duy Xuyen district, Binh Duong, Binh Minh and Binh Dao communes. Thang Binh district with a total length of 18.3km, of which the part of Cua Dai bridge crossing the Thu Bon river has a length of 1.48km. The bridge has a width of 25.2m with 4 lanes for motor vehicles, 2 rudimentary lanes with 3 spans (including 16 leading spans and 7 main spans). The main spans are continuous box girder spans (70+120+3*150+120+70)m with box-shaped cross section constructed by the balanced cantilever method. The box has the form of 3 walls, in which 2 outer walls are oblique; the width of the bottom of the box varies from 14.25m to 16,529m; width of slab B=24.85m. The bridge foundation system is bored piles with a diameter of 2m and a depth of 83m. This is really the first record bridge in Vietnam with a span length of 150m and a bridge width of 25.2m (3-wall box). It should be remembered that Ham Luong bridge on Highway 60 connecting 3 provinces of Ben Tre, Tra Vinh, Soc Trang has just been inaugurated on April 24, 2010 is a bridge with a record length of 150m with a bridge width of 16m. As for Cua Dai bridge with a record span of 150m and a rather large width, it is a big challenge for Traffic Construction Corporation 5 – the unit trusted by the People’s Committee of Quang Nam province to build this bridge. Civil Engineering Construction JSC No.525 is very honored to be assigned by the Corporation to construct 6 southern leading spans and main span with 2 T-frames with span length up to 150m. Mr. Nguyen Doan Binh – Chairman of the Board of Directors, Director of the company confided to us that the dream of building large and beautiful bridges with modern technology has always been cherished in him. From the time when there were rudimentary bridges with simple spans to when there was a Supper T span according to new Australian technology brought into Vietnam to construct My Thuan bridge, Civil Engineering Construction JSC No.525 was a pioneer in construction. This type of girder is the first in the Central region, which is Tuyen Son bridge (Da Nang). Success after success, overcoming difficulties going up Civil Engineering Construction JSC No.525 today has matured in all aspects. He believes that he can do it and will definitely succeed. Starting to build 2 bridges Ben Thuy and Cua Dai bridge posed many concerns for him. Happy to be able to directly build bridges with modern technology and high technical requirements, but also very worried because the company must have abundant resources, be able to receive and deploy construction with equipment. Modern technology to meet high technical and artistic requirements is not easy. Therefore, since 2009, the Company’s leaders have taken steps to prepare urgently to train human resources, learn, visit, receive technology, purchase new equipment and all is ready. for bridge construction. With the traditional thickness of the previous generations, with the experience in construction together with a team of good engineers, skilled technical workers equipped with modern machinery and equipment, the completion of the bridge construction That will certainly become a reality and it is not far away until 2013 when Cua Dai Bridge crosses the Thu Bon River connecting the ancient city of Hoi An World Cultural Heritage with Da Nang City and Chu Lai Open Economic Zone will be opened. completed. History will forever record Vietnamese bridge workers who made the most modern bridges of the country, including the imprints of workers and engineers of Cienco 525.

Afternoon trading on the Gianh river in Quang Binh. The bright yellow Chau Hoa Bridge creates a strong but magnificent link connecting the two banks of the cool green countryside, the dark purple of the undulating rocky mountains. The new 300-meter-long bridge was inaugurated on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the country’s unification, in the endless joy of thousands of residents on the north and south banks of the Gianh River. Few people know that, during the construction of the bridge piers, Company 525 had many difficulties, the T5 pillar was almost finished with the lower part, when it was discovered that there was a Kasrt underground cave at a depth of 30m that had to be handled. Efforts and money were spent on fixing this unusual incident to complete the project on schedule. On the inauguration day, tens of thousands of people in Chau Hoa, Tien Hoa and surrounding communes walked on the bridge, their faces beaming with joy and emotion. Someone in the crowd uttered a choked verse:

“Hundred for a hundred years to wait

Today is so much fun as in a dream.”

The familiar poem is read every day on the right occasion, at the right time, in the right mood, making us bridge workers feel extremely happy. Far away on the peaceful and green Gianh River, the fragile boats still plying their trade across the river as if calling us to continue “connecting happy banks” on new bridges.


Da Nang, May 27, 2010